I haven’t updated in a while… Oops! Anyhow, between family bbq’s and stress eating, my diet has taken a hit. On the bright side, I’m down 26lbs total!! 

What’s going on in my world?

My son (7month old) has to go to PT twice a week due to torticollis issues. He also has to have a helmet to round his head back out since one side is flat and nothing we did rounded it out. So, that’s crappy. My husband got a new job and he’ll be bringing in twice what he did before. Woohoo! I want to get out of our condo so that means saving for a down payment, repairing my husband’s credit score, and fixing up the condo to appeal to potential buyers. (I’ve tracked my credit score for years, but I guess my husband decided he’d just let it sort itself. That’s not quite how it works.) I have to do this all on my own because my husband is now working crazy long hours. I’m more crafty than I am a home-remodel-DIYer, but that’s what YouTube is for. Right? I’m cracking down on our budget (read: making one for the first time) and that means finding ways to save more money. The faster we save, the sooner we’re out of here! I’m trying out family meal prep with freezer meals. I bought a Costco card so I can do it all in bulk. I’ve scoured Pinterest for foods that my picky husband will eat and I’ve started planning/ organizing the hell out of everything. I’m taking this SAHM stuff seriously! I also need to prep my toddler for pre-school (if I decide to send her) then kindergarten AND I still have to take the kids outside to play even though I really dislike being in the sun. I’m so pale that I reflect the sun. Yep, that just adds to my already chaotic days.

There you have it. I’ll try to update more often, but we’ll see how that goes!


I feel so much better about myself! I’m down 22lbs in 2.5 months and I feel incredible. I have more energy and I’m so much more productive during the day!

Thank you AdvoCare!


Tough Mudder

I’m thinking about training for a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash happening later this year. 

Now to overcome my complete aversion to all things dirty… To be continued.


It’s been completely hectic around here and I forgot to update with my results! During the 24 Day Challenge, I lost 9lbs and 15 5/8 inches! I had an upper respiratory infection (with a sinus infection and ear infection, but who’s keeping track?) for a week and a half in the middle, so I couldn’t workout. That hindered my progress a bit. 

  It’s from a different angle, but you get the gist. I feel SO much better. I have SO much more energy. 

As of today, I’m down 21lbs total!!! That’s 16lbs since starting with AdvoCare in the middle of March. I’m incredibly proud of myself and I can’t believe the changes in my body. I’ve FAR surpassed my own expectations. My husband even wants to try it, seeing my transformation!!

I can’t wait to take my kids to the beach this summer without being uncomfortable in my own skin!

AdvoCare is not only a game changer, it’s a life changer.

If you want to join me on this mission, you can go here.

Almost to the end.

My 24 Day Challenge is nearing the end. Saturday is day 24. 

I haven’t been able to work out for over a week because of chest congestion, but I’m still down 17lbs! 13 of those are in the 4 weeks since starting with AdvoCare! I can’t wait to see my measurements. I’ve had so many people tell me that it’s really noticeable that I’ve lost weight. That’s such a good feeling!!

On a separate note, why do I clean and organize my toddler’s toys? She just pulls them out within minutes of them being put away! An hour worth of cleaning and my living room was clean for all of 10 minutes. Maybe.

If anyone is interested in joining me on my health quest with AdvoCare, click here.


I’m down 15.4 lbs since I decided to start trying to lose weight and 11 lbs since starting AdvoCare 3 weeks ago!! Today is also the last day of the herbal cleanse. I can have cheese again!! I’m in a weight loss challenge group that awards prizes to the 3 biggest “losers”, and I won 1st for the month of March!! 

That was a lot of exclamation points, but every one of them was necessary.

This morning we (me, munchkins, BFF, BFF’s hubby, and BFF’s munchkins) went to Bunnyville at the Zoo. It. Was. Freezing. My daughter was grumpy for the first hour, because she’s just like her mother and waking up is hard. I always forget how awful the Penguinarium smells, until I walk back into it. Seriously, gag. They hide eggs all over the zoo that you can turn in for prizes. We, of course, found none. My lucky girl still walked out with an Easter basket stuffed with toys and candy though! Yay! Some awesome stranger had found eggs, but only had sons. All of the boy baskets were gone, and he ended up with a girl basket. I guess he wasn’t thrilled with the pink crown and Barbie, so they gave it to my girl. I’m thinking all of that walking should totally count as my workout today, since I’m exhausted and incapable of anything more at the moment. 

I might find more energy later. Maybe.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I finally took “before” pics. Well, technically, they’re after I started losing weight. I’m down 10lbs since starting with AdvoCare. So, I’m going to call these “Day 1” pics. I haven’t decided if I want to do periodic pics or just day 1 and day 24. I’ll decide along the way, I guess. I’m embarrassed to look at these, but I’m posting them because, accountability. 

If anyone decides that they want to join me, go here


Day 1

I started my 24 Day Challenge today!! The fiber drink is pretty thick. Like super pulpy orange juice thick or maybe cream of wheat. The chocolate meal replacement shake was much yummier. The fruit punch Spark is the best I’ve tasted so far!  I had energy to do my usual housework, 20 minutes of  Turbo Jam, and still had energy to do the Bowflex! I also tried PB2 for the first time today. So good, I highly recommend it. Meal planning has been much easier than I expected and recipes have been tastier than I expected. I really thought I was going to have to suffer through this, but the food has been so good and I get to snack all day! Oh, and as of this morning, I’m down 9lbs!!

One day down, 23 to go.

As far as my sick family member, we’ve had more good news than bad. The power of prayer!



I recieved some really terrible news today. A family member is very sick. I’m not ready to go into detail just yet. Generally, I turn to food for comfort, but I refuse to fall back into bad patterns. I’ll figure out how to get myself and my family through this. I will. I just have to have faith. Everything is in His hands, but I’m hoping I can come up with a plan to help Him a little.

In other news, my 24 Day Challenge should be here on the 25th. I need to keep my head in the game. No, what I really need is to get out of my head.

Stinkin’ baby!

My Watermelon Spark is the only thing keeping me awake today. It’s a lifesaver. Why? The baby is going through the 4 month sleep regression. 3 wake-ups last night. 3. He’s lucky he’s cute. All smiles at 3am and as adorable as that is, that’s not my idea of a good time! I’ve been spoiled with him sleeping 8-10 hour stretches at night. I hope this doesn’t last long!